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Anna Rosemann

Anna Rosemann

Raised in Los Angeles, a city that celebrates and often encourages excess, Anna understood at a young age not to take things for granted. Growing up, conservation and reuse was not just a trend, but a lifestyle worth following and teaching to others.

An entrepreneur, driven to build a successful, Kaizen and socially-responsible company, Anna started her own reworked vintage clothing line in her early twenties. Wanting to make a greater impact and foreseeing the building industry as one of the most influential with regards to the sustainability movement, she entered the real estate development world two years later.  Anna quickly established herself as an advocate for client education, particularly when it came to energy efficiency and healthier building options. Realizing her calling as a Sustainability Consultant, Anna launched Eco | ConsultingUS in 2006.

Yoga practicing, Buddhist, environmentalist, and conscious capitalist, Anna believes you do not have to sacrifice luxury or convenience to enjoy a healthy, efficient, earth-friendly lifestyle. Prosperity and stewardship can go hand in hand. She is a Certified Green Building Professional, Certified Building Performance Contractor, trained as a Green Point Rater, LEED rating system specialist and she is a staunch recycler.

Email: AR@ecoconsultingus.com

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