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EcoConsulting - Become an Affiliate

Eco | ConsultingUS  is a proven business formula that fills a tremendous need in the green building and green renovating market. After successfully improving the quality of homes and businesses in the Southern California market, we are now seeking qualified interested parties to expand nationally.

We are creating the opportunity for others to utilize our basic formula and successful program. This includes all the legal groundwork, complete contracts and major support in all areas including marketing, internet presence, toll free lines, direct referrals and major media, marketing and public relations nationwide.

The basic idea is simple, yet unique: to assist builders, architects and homeowners with professional advice on how to green their projects. We provide consultation and assistance in order for you to make your projects as sustainable, healthy and efficient as possible. In turn, this will maximize the sales value of any property, nationwide.

Eco | ConsultingUS  has created an affiliate program to allow qualified individuals in other markets take advantage of years of experience and knowledge to operate their own consulting offices across the country. Creativity, enthusiasm and a desire to join in this successful booming green service market are what we are looking for in candidates to become a part of our team.

A few of the benefits of this program include:

•  Defined territories for one candidate per market
•  Complete information on getting started
•  Contract and negotiation tips
•  Avoiding pitfalls
•  Contact information to local green professionals
•  Advertising introduction and support in specific market
•  Ongoing marketing assistance
•  Nationally recognized brand identification
•  Direct referral system from toll free nationwide phone lines
•  Direct referral and support through internet websites
•  Website management and design
•  Digital portfolios linked online
•  Direct mail and photographic advertising assistance
•  Green trend and design updates via email
•  Media coverage
•  “Green Home of the Month” story and feature on national website
•  Savings opportunities and bulk purchasing power

To learn more about licensing and become a consultant in your area, click to download our application.