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MARCH 2014 | TOP 5

I N S P I R E      |     ELEVATE & EDUCATE


“Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible. Care more than others think wise.”  – Howard Schultz


1   |     Down Under  |  Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island

G’day mate!  Okay, we had to throw some Aussie slang in there, otherwise it wouldn’t be right …While recently planning a trip to the other Gold Coast, we stumbled upon Southern Ocean Lodge. One of the countries most luxurious boutique properties also happens to be one of its greenest.  Located on Australia’s own Galapagos Island the eco-lodge was opened in 2008 by James and Hailey Baillie and sits on an isolated headland overlooking the Southern Ocean on Kangaroo Island.  21 sleek and luxurious suites are complemented by sustainable design and casual-chic style.  Southern Ocean Lodge is also an eco-attuned operator; it’s rainwater reliant, with breezeway ventilation, and has an advanced grey water/compost recycling system.  Perfect location to go on your next walkabout.  We want to visit Southern Ocean Lodge.


   |     Toyota i ROAD   |   The “Sharing Economy”

While sharing goods has always been a common practice among friends, the concept has moved from a community practice into a profitable business model, the “sharing economy” describes a type of business built on the sharing of resources.  Think AirBnB or Zipcar, and now the ingenious Toyota i-Road program is joining in on the fun.  The i ROAD combines the convenience of a bike rental service, the comfort of an enclosed car and the compact footprint of a motorcycle.  Fun to drive, convenient to park, no special charging infrastructure needed, need we say more?  We like Toyota I ROAD.










 3   |     Soap = Hope

Our good friend, Monique Reymond, founder of the Comedy Collective Foundation is making an impact by using humor as a means to make a difference.  It’s not glamorous, but soap is a lifesaver.   Violence in South Sudan has displaced over 950,000 people from their homes. The refugees are flooding into underdeveloped areas without the infrastructure to support them.  We’ve seen this before, and we’ve learned the hard way that one thing is just as important as food and water… this is SOAP.  $40 will buy a case of soap. $20 will get half a case. $2 buys a bar of soap.  Bringing people together through laughter for a great cause.  $20 bucks, don’t be cheap, support Soap for South Sudan.


4    |     The NEW House  |   An affordable new solution to a very old problem

We haven’t been this excited about prefab, well since prefab.  What if we told you – you could buy a 2,500 square foot home, takes 40 days to build, costs you $150,000 and looks like the picture below?  No f—ing way!  is exactly the normal reaction.  We had the pleasure of meeting with the team at RSI, developers ofThe New House, to discuss their affordable homes.  They utilized sustainable thinking in every aspect of the design and home building process, from the initial deconstruction of the property, construction of the new property and the amenities included.  RSI uses an innovative and exclusive engineering design and construction process to build high-quality, energy-efficient homes at a significantly lower cost than traditional construction or remodel – and with practically zero waste.  They ensure that only the exact amounts of required materials are shipped to the job site yielding virtually zero construction waste.  With what we call “OLD” new construction, a 30 yard container of waste filled with lumber, electrical and plastic plumbing debris is typical.  With The New House model, on average, only 3 yards of waste is generated, consisting mainly of packaging material that is often recycled.  Founder, Ronald Simon’s goal was to develop new, superior quality, efficient, and sustainable housing that his employees and their families could afford.  Billionaires doing good.. *swoon*… that Ronnie Simon and his team have given us butterflies again, definitely keep The New House team on your radar, these guys are doing super cool things.

          The New House comes in a wide variety of architectural styles and floorplans. We'll help you find the model that is perfect for your lot.           The New House is chock full of beautiful cabinetry, fixtures, appliances and details.







5   |     We got you….  covered

We LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking, but HATE HATE HATE that the aluminum and plastic from covering leftovers will likely linger in landfills for hundreds of years. These Cover Flex Silicone lids are a perfect alternative.  They stretch and stick to fit over pots, plates and bowls just like foil or wrap AND they are dishwasher safe & reusable.  Get some Cover Flex Silicone Lids.

Cover Flex Silicone Lids


The SHIFT happening around the world is the the process of rethinking the way we build, eat, travel, do business, shop and essentially live.  The point is, YOU ARE THE SHIFT.  Our goal is to share smart, sustainable, eco chic phenomena from around the world that will inspire YOU to make a shift.  Feel free to share something you LOVE these days?

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