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Natalie Freidberg

Natalie Freidberg

Born and raised in Europe where conservation and sustainability are an integral part of life, Natalie comes from a long line of forward-thinking environmentalists. Having earned a degree in Environmental Policy from Occidental College, Natalie is a Certified Green Building Professional and a California Building Performance Contractor and is currently training to become a LEED Accredited Professional and a Certified Sustainable Buildings Advisor.

Natalie is passionate about helping clients create comfortable and beautiful living spaces that use the least possible amounts of energy and water. She specializes in researching and sourcing eco-friendly building and design products with reduced carbon footprints and non-toxic materials. A frequent public speaker, Natalie often donates her time to participate in workshops and events related to green building. Natalie has also appeared on Planet Green’s “Greenovate” home improvement show.

Email: natalie@ecoconsultingus.com

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