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Paul Butapetch

Paul Butapetch

Originally from Los Angeles, Paul ventured up the California coast to earn his Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He began his career at an international Architectural and Engineering firm in Los Angeles designing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. His projects included large-scale convention centers and hotels, and smaller, more intricate systems such as data centers and studios. Paul not only has experience in designing complex HVAC systems for clients operating in diverse climates and locations, he is also adept in collaborating with other multiple stakeholders to achieve integrated, multi-disciplinary, energy efficient systems.

Paul’s interest in energy efficiency motivated him to become a LEED Accredited Professional and he soon joined the University of California, Los Angeles Facilities Management as an Energy Engineer. While there, Paul was responsible for advancing the campus energy conservation programs, actively participated in educating students in sustainability, and successfully led the efforts to attain a LEED for Existing Building (EB) Silver Level Certification for the UCLA Public Affairs Building—marking it the highest level of achievement of any existing building in the University of California System to date. Paul also has experience managing 64 million square feet of 62 regional shopping centers; striving to create a healthy environment for employees, retailers, guests and communities. Paul’s dedication to energy efficiency and sustainability has motivated him to consult on various projects as a LEED AP and as an energy engineer.

Email: paul@ecoconsultingus.com

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