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Red Gayita

red_gayitaAs an early pioneer of LEED building practices in Northern Nevada and a LEED A.P. since 2008, Red has practiced the LEED discipline as it has transcended from previous versions throughout the years. In 2008, he was a LEED Certification Manager for the first Public Works Project certified under LEED V2.2. Red has managed LEED Certified projects that have included one-of-a-kind systems that are not found anywhere else in the country; this has allowed him to keep a fresh perspective and keen knowledge on LEED building practices. His successful LEED projects such as the D.R.I. CAVE Facility have been recipients of numerous awards such as the prestigious “AGC Sensitivity to the Environment” Award. As an experienced construction manager in the development and commercial building industry, he is specialized in many aspects of LEED building. These specializations include budget and cost study, schedule and impact, quality control and management, project management, procurement and planning, MEP coordination, and product specification. Now living and working out of Southern California, Red has been instrumental on successful LEED Certifications on various projects such as school institutions, dormitories, visitor centers, and more recently, hotels. Currently, he is still an active LEED A.P. with the BD+C distinction.

Email: red@ecoconsultingus.com

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