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September 2013 | TOP 5

I N S P I R E      |     ELEVATE & EDUCATE


Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.”– J.P. Morgan


1   |   Whole World Water Fund

Today nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to clean and safe water. WHOLE WORLD WATER is a Campaign designed to unite the Hospitality and Tourism Industry on a non-competitive platform to eradicate this issue.  Rtiz Carlton and the Auberge du Soleil are helping to launch this eco revolution by eliminating plastic bottles from their hotels in favor of this refillable beauty (designed by the Yves Behar).  Hotels filter and sell their own water, then donate ten percent of the proceeds to the WWWF.  But this is much more than a fundraising initiative. It is a revolutionary way of thinking, a new way to do business designed to balance environmental, health and economic issues.  Oh yea and that guy Richard Branson is also a supporter.  We LOVE WWW.WHOLEWTERWORLD.COM 


   |      One Plus

One Plus is a new sustainable handbag collection by Kelly Locke using materials that have been selected for their recycled content, low carbon footprint and produced using ecologically sound production methods.  And they look amazing, sustainability chic, we like One Plus.


3     |     The City of Lights, cooler sister, Montpellier, France

Having visited and enjoyed Paris, France for the first time recently, we were very excited to read about Montpellier, France and its eco progression.  The southern French city is making a mark in the architecture world with 2 futuristic buildings as well as the development of a new eco-district.  Parc Marianne, will soon become a 20 acre park with extensive bike paths and pedestrian routes, we like Parc Marianne.


4    |    Architect, Humanitarian, Shigeru Ban

He builds sustainable shelters that restore dignity to people who have lost everything.  Tokyo-born Shigeru Ban had become a successful architect with commissions on 3 continents, but along the way he had grown disappointed with his profession.  In the 1990’s he began pursuing a higher cause, by building shelters for victims of natural and man made disasters, using local materials and labor as much as possible.  After the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan, he made housing out of beer crates and card board tubes, how cool is SHIGERU?


5   |     Feed Body + Soul

We LOVE LOVE LOVE food.  So when we stumbled upon Feed Body + Soul in Venice, not only do we love their mission but it was a nice surprise to find out Matthew Dickson (Malo) was involved.  Feed’s mission is based on quality ingredients, simple preparation, a comfortable atmosphere, and a service experience that supports our principles of a modern & clean lifestyle. They care about the health of thier guests, local community, and the global community as a whole.  Feed Body & Soul is about eating well, feeling good, and doing good.  Um, LOVE LOVE LOVE Feed Body + Soul.


This SHIFT happening around the world is the the process of rethinking the way we build, eat, travel, shop and essentially, live. The point is, YOU ARE THE SHIFT. Part of our commitment to you is writing this newsletter to share five smart, sustainable, eco chic phenomena from around the world that we think will inspire YOU to make a shift. Feel free to share something you LOVE these days?

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