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Commissioning is a third-party verification of a building’s energy-related systems to confirm that these systems are performing as set forth by the owner’s project requirements. A quality assurance-based process, commissioning delivers preventive and predictive maintenance plans, tailored operating manuals and training procedures for all users to follow. Our commissioning services are in accordance with LEED and are based on ASHRAE Guidelines.

Commissioning Services:

• Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and respective controls
• Lighting and daylighting controls
• Domestic hot water
• Renewable energy

At the end of the construction, our consultants verify all energy using equipment is installed and running per the design and specifications – assuring your building is not wasting energy and is functioning properly during occupancy.

Verification List:

• Quality Control
• Pre-Functional Test Reports
• Functional Testing Observation
• Commissioning Integration
• Commissioning Reports
• LEED Certification Commissioning
• Barrier Leakage Testing
• Carbon Monoxide Control Systems
• Third Party Special Inspections
• Smoke Control Systems Third Party
• Special Inspections
• Troubleshooting
• Retro-Commissioning