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October 2013 | TOP 5

I N S P I R E      |     ELEVATE & EDUCATE


“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” – W. Somerset Maugham



Do you ever dream of one day owning a ranch or farmhouse? We do. Just think, horses, a wrap-around porch, a garden, fresh eggs, dressed in a hat, jeans and a turquoise belt looking just like you walked out of a Ralph Lauren ad … oh and did we forget to mention it’s a prefab farmhouse? But how you say, well, New World Homes has GOT IT DOWN. A colonial farm house with the patina of 150 years of living, 50% more energy efficient than a typical house, recycled metal reflective roof, and the highly efficient plumbing saves 10,000 gallons of water per year. Now all you have to do is find the lot and invest in some turquoise. Time honored style with modular, modern efficiency, we LOVE LOVE LOVE NEW WORLD HOMES.

New World Homes


Montage Laguna  Beach

As regular guests of the Montage Laguna Beach, little did we know while sipping cocktails poolside admiring the ocean views, that a whole lot of sustainability is happening behind the scenes. Whether it’s using organic straws that decompose within 90 days or implementing a resort-wide recycling and composting waste program, the 250-room luxury hotel has not only managed to make eco-consciousness chic, but also completely inconspicuous. Quiet sustainability, we like THE MONTAGE LAGUNA BEACH.




We caught wind of Paul Lightfoot and his company, BrightFarms, a few years ago, but his hydroponic garden concept for grocery stores just keeps growing. Today, BrightFarms grows local produce, nationwide by operating greenhouse farms at or near grocery retailers—eliminating time, distance, and costs from the produce supply chain. Said Lightfoot: “I’m a business supply-chain guy. I just happen to also care about the environment, so I spent years looking for something I could make money on.” Spoken like a true ecopreneur. How could we not like BRIGHTFARMS?

__________________________________________________Cast of Vices



A recent Pinterest discovery of ours, Cast of Vices is a local Los Angeles jewelry and accessories line that casts “a critical eye on pop culture.” Launched in 2009 by Christopher Glancy and Jay LeCompte, their designs provide a social commentary on the vices that inspire us…and often kill us. Their Corner Store Leather Bag, a take on the plastic bag (a single plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to degrade!) is a statement-making piece—literally, we LOVE CAST OF VICES.




Marks & Spencers


The U.K. grocery chain made Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies for several reasons: 1) it cut imports by becoming the only major U.K. retailer to sell locally grown carrots year-round, 2) it now offers 350 fair-trade products and 3) it developed eight new sustainable palm food and beauty products to stop destruction of the world’s rainforests. We like MARKS & SPENCER.

This SHIFT happening around the world is the the process of rethinking the way we build, eat, travel, shop and essentially, live. The point is, YOU ARE THE SHIFT. Part of our commitment to you is writing this newsletter to share five smart, sustainable, eco chic phenomena from around the world that we think will inspire YOU to make a shift. Feel free to share something you LOVE these days?


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